the whole shebang – $1250

This is it people, the whole enchilada. The FULL MOON package delivers all of your branding needs.

branding survey A comprehensive questionnaire to make sure we’re on the same page.
logo concepts THREE logo concepts to choose from.
revisions FOUR logo revisions to tweak your concept.
color palette A professionally curated color palette for your brand.
branding board A PDF branding & inspiration board that includes the items in your package, your color palette, inspiration photos, & fonts.
usage guide A guide to explain the types of files you will receive & how to properly use them.
logo ONE logo, ready for use!
favicon TWO square images, great for social media profile images. 
watermark ONE inverted color logo, usually monochrome.
social media banner TWO PNG images for use on social media as banners or cover art.
logo variant ONE variation of your logo for use as needed.
pattern TWO customized patterns to compliment your colors & branding.
business card Double-sided business card design, ready to be printed.